Sold In 30 days or I Work For FREE, Guaranteed!

    Our guaranteed sales program creates a less stressful process for the homeowner and takes the guess work out of selling their home and moving to the next one.



    The program is simple, If I don’t sell your house in 30 days, I will work for FREE. When you enter into our Guaranteed Sale Program you will know exactly what your home is going to sell for! Our guaranteed sale program creates a less stressful process for the homeowner and makes looking for your next home so much easier. My program removes the guess work from getting your home sold. The purpose of this program is to make sure that we are all on the same page as far as the sales process BEFORE we list your home. Unlike other agents who list homes but don’t guarantee their work, we can guarantee on work because of my expertise in marketing and negotiations. We will market your home and get you THE MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY, IN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME! If your house sells for more than the guaranteed price than the guarantee price then you make more money! Cha-Ching!


    There Has To Be A Catch!?

    No catch! The program is very simple. We will present you with the price and terms of the Guaranteed Sale BEFORE you sign the Listing Agreement. We will market your home and get you THE MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY, IN THE LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME! You really have nothing to lose!


    How Does This Help You, The Seller?

    With our guaranteed sale program you will know exactly what your home is going to sell for and you will be able to write a strong offer on the home you want to buy. If you need to write a contingent offer on the home you are buying then the conversation with that agent will be very simple. We will present our list price and guaranteed sale program and that agent will be more confident in your offer.


    Do We Have To Do The Guaranteed Sale Program?

    No, this program is not for everyone, is not available for all homes, and some sellers are not looking to buy another home in Washington. Some sellers opt to do a more traditional listing but they do want to know at what price we will guarantee our work.


    What Is Your Guarantee Price?

    The first step is to schedule a time for us to come and look at your home. After we have done a complete walk through of your house, we will complete a thorough analysis of the market, and schedule a time to present our pricing strategy at our office. You will get to see the guarantee in writing before we go live on the market.



    1. Seller(s) agree to list the property at the agreed upon price determined by Seller & Authorized Agent. (Initial List Price may be very competitive depending on the market.)
    2. Seller must sign a 90 day listing agreement. If they cancel the contract before the 90 day listing period is up, then the seller(s) agree to reimburse Kwasi Bowie & Associates for the cost of all marketing.
    3. Seller(s) must have a pre-listing inspection by an inspector that Kwasi Bowie and Associates recommends. Seller will repair all items noted on the inspection report in additional to those items requested by Kwasi Bowie & Associates to be completed before listing. After listing repairs must be completed no later than 30 days after listing.
    4. Seller(s) agree to reduce the price of the property every 7 days by $___________, for the first 30 days or until an offer to purchase has been received, whichever is sooner. The price reduction will happen automatically and will not be adjusted after initial listing.
    5. There will be a total commission of 6% for the listing which is payable at closing by the Seller/Client.
    6. Seller(s) to pay all customary closing costs
    7. Seller(s) acknowledges that they have equity at the list price and with all scheduled price adjustments. Must have equity and/or “other” funds available to successfully sell this property without engaging in any type of “short sale” situation.
    8. Seller(s) must be current on all mortgages. You will be responsible for mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, and maintenance on the property until closing.
    9. Seller(s) must allow for “Easy Access” showings 7 days a week from 9 am to 7 pm throughout the entire term of the listing.
    10. Seller(s) must do any recommended decluttering, organizing, cleaning, and/or staging recommended by the real estate agent and/or stager.
    11. Be marketable. The condition and appeal must meet or surpass typical buyer expectations for the area and price range, and maintained to the Listing Broker and/or Stagers recommendations.
    12. Property must be a single-family, townhome or condominium residence with a starting list price of under $900,000. The property may not be rented or occupied by any kind of tenant at any time during the listing period.
    13. Seller(s) agree to provide a testimonial once the property goes under contract.
    14. If an Offer to Purchase is presented within 30 days of the effective listing date then the Guaranteed Sale shall be deemed satisfied. If no Offer to Purchase is presented with 30 days of the listing date then Kwasi Bowie & Associates will sell the house and the seller will not have to pay a Listing Office Commission.
    15. No Properties outside of King, Pierce, or Snohomish County in Washington.
    16. It is at the sole discretion of Kwasi Bowie as to whether to admit the property into the Guaranteed Sale Program



    You have two options to get started.

    1. Click this link Home Valuation or click the Home Valuation Tab at the top of our website. Put in your address and all your contact information. The valuation you get will just be a computer generated price based on third party information. Once we have your information we will contact you to do a complete analysis.


    1. Call (206) 854-4132 or email me at to set up a time for me to come and take a look at your house.

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