Some Renovations Just Aren’t Worth the Cost

    There are certain renovations which simply are not worth the money. Today, I’d like to cover just a few.

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    There are certain renovations which simply are not worth the money. Today I’d like to go over just a couple of examples.

    The first one I want to point out is swimming pools. People either love or hate them. Either way, they require a lot of maintenance and can also be dangerous to young kids and pets. This includes your own pets and children, but also your neighbors.

    Another renovation that isn’t worth the cost is any invisible repairs. Buyers simply expect a home to be in working order. It’s kind of like if you were selling a car and told a potential buyer that you had replaced bald tires with new, functional ones.

    They wouldn’t necessarily be impressed because this level of upkeep is basically a given.

    A good rule of thumb for making renovations is to take a look at what is selling in your neighborhood. You don’t want to go much above or below this standard. Too many people put too much money into their home before they sell.

    This money is something they could instead be spending on their next down payment or on improvements to their future house.

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